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We know how expensive dental care can be. Many times we hear "If I had dental insurance, I would be able to afford all this treatment". A word about dental insurance. More than half of my patients do not have dental insurance.  Also, even under the best cases, insurance does not cover all your treatment in most cases. We will work with you to cover either your insurance co-payments or the fee for your treatment.

We accept all major credit cards, we can set up short term financing, or we can help you set up 18 month INTEREST FREE financing. This can allow you to get your treatment finished and pay as little as $50/month. You can also pay over the course of up to 5 years with interest.


Dental Insurance

We accept many plans, and will submit your treatment for you via our electronic claim system. In most cases, we will also submit predeterminations so we can find out exactly how much your insurance will cover. Even without predetermination, our computer system can give an estimate which is fairly accurate to give you an idea of what your portion, if any, will be for your treatement.


Call us at (201) 436-4949 and we can explain to you how simple and affordable we can make your care.